Saturday, March 13, 2010

When You're Constantly On Your Feet... Choose The Way of Comfort

Finally had the chance to edit some pictures after being extremely busy at work for eight hours. Okay, I exaggerate, this week has actually been rather quiet but I reckon that's just because the novelty of a new 'Costa shop in town' has worn off. Today, being Saturday, was busy from 10 AM to-- well, the time I finished, which was at 3. I was on the till for like 2 hours and barely made any mistakes. :D Not bad for a newbie.

Note to self: purchase some new (comfortable) shoes that don't make my feet hurt (although I don't reckon they do but that's another story--ask nick) (( I told her to get them in the first place! *Shakes fist! - Nick ))

-- I'm a chick though, us species tend to choose the more fashionable approach when it comes to shoes.

Tori has a day off tomorrow! Oh how I relish my days off now. Funny how you take advantage of laying around the house all day but when you're actually working the days off are a lot more appreciated, just as Frances said. I definitely plan to use my new tripod (Nick's bday present)---- OHHH! That reminds me, I need to take pics of   my b-day presents!!! I shall do that tomorrow when I'm not half asleep.

On a different note.... *Sigh* -- I'm really fed up with people on DA requesting my works as prints when it clearly states in the comment box below that the prints are available on another site. Either way, I guess I'm happy that they're 'good' enough to actually be wanted as a print.

Since I got off at 3 today (at least the part timer chicks felt my pain when I told them I started work at 7am on a saturday ¬¬) it's presented me with the opportunity to get some more pictures edited... only two though, lol. One, I'm thoroughly happy with, but the other I'm extremely UNhappy with. First one is going to be available as a print and whatnot but the second I'm not confident enough with it.

Hmm, I dunno, now that I look at it again maybe it isn't THAT bad.. I still don't believe that I've demonstrated my full potential on this one. ¬_¬

Tomorrows update will include pics of my b-day presents, and a pic of my phone (which I neglected to post).