Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tori, A Busy Bee?

Haven't updated in a while.. haven't had the time really, I've been rushed off my feet. Damn work.

I've discovered that I can finally work the new touchscreen till flawlessly. Coffee machine, I'm still working on perfecting the relevant texture of the milk depending on the hot drink, but I'm definitely getting there. The first week Costa opened, I can't even describe how busy it was, and with only a limited amount of full time staff for the moment it didn't help. Yesterday was quite calm and relaxing, not as busy, and today was the same. I figure since the hype of a 'new costa in town' has worn off it won't be as busy. Thank God.

I managed to fit some photography in, especially another attempted 'sunset' picture, which I'm still not completely satisfied with. I ended up with this:

..this wasn't originally what I had set out to do but I still think it came out well.

Few others:

I still have more to edit yet.

Anyway, over the past few days I've been obsessed with my dock icons. I don't have an actual mac computer (but I do take pride in my sony vaio pink laptop <3 ), but I do have a sexy Objectdock dock (the mac theme). I settled  with icons which I thought I was happy with but its been irritating me so I finally did something about it yesterday and changed them. Made a few adjustments of my own but I think now I might be happy with them. I'll take a screenshot next time.

Upon the sheer amount of blindness from a certain amount of DA people who continue to request my work as 'prints' despite the obvious message underneath the image stating that prints are available on another SITE, I've decided to submit the works as prints on Deviantart. :)