Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Professional Costa Coffee Maker.... Almost

The new Costa store in town finally opened today. Can't even express how packed it was, especially at lunch time as you can imagine. Since there's so many close shops near by people come in on their work breaks/lunches and we're worked off our arses. Despite the fact it's even more busy than the previous one I worked in I still like it... I think. But since it was our first day I guess that will be the most busy it will ever be. 

So I can now make:
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Frascato
  • etc etc
Quite proud of myself.

Anyway, despite all my VERY hard work these days I've still managed to fit in some photography:

As you can see I've gone back to my old waterdrop on a feather shot. I've missed that. Turned out rather well though, I definitely plan to do more.

Trip to England

Nick and I made the sudden decision to return to England for the weekend to my old/other home. Since I had the Monday off and just got paid it was the perfect time to go. Can't believe how much I missed England.. I got to see my mummm, and my furry cats <3. Went to the cinema on the Sunday with Karis to see The Lovely Bones, which actually turned out to be a damn good film. I think it's DVD worthy. The weekend went too fast, Monday we had to return back to Guernsey much to my dismay. We had to come back though as I have responsibilities over here now. Either way, hopefully we'll be returning soon. 

Monday morning turned out to be gorgeous. With the sun sparkling on the garden after it had rained it created a gorgeous effect on the waterdrops on the grass, not to mention the bokeh:

Pretty, huh? More to come, as they still need editing. 

That's pretty much it for now. For anyone interested in prints visit my store here:

More to come, I'll keep you updated. Take care, everyone!