Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Christmas Update & "Wiffy"

Sunday is one of my days off so I was mostly laptop'n this morning. Anyway, I came across a hell of a load of Christmas holiday pictures that I never actually got round to uploading so I'm using this opportunity to do exactly that.

Went to France/Andorra/Carcasonne with my Nicholas and his lovely family. This was the first time I met his brother, Jacob and his girlfriend, Liz. They're Australian but came down to spend Christmas with us. Started off with us going to London for a week so Nick and I could show them around London Central, which they enjoyed immensely. We then got the plane from Heathrow to France. When we arrived it was all, surprisingly.. in... French! So I'm looking at the signs thinking 'wtf does this say'. We then waited around the airport for roughly three hours because Stephen had booked the wrong hired car and the queue was HUGE.. so.. we had a very long wait.

The three hour car ride to merry ole' Andorra was great. Driving along looking at the scenery and the snowy mountains was just the most amazing experience ever.

Here are some of the pictures of the snowy scenery:

Gorgeous, huh? With my originally residing in England it seems to be the new trend to barely get any snow at any time of the year. So this was definitely something amazing. 

After what seemed like an hour long drive up this mountain we finally found our skiing resort. We literally spent the week living in the snowy mountains. The ski resort was rather poor. When I got in I dreaded spending a whole week there, but then again, it's not as if I would be in it all day, I'd be skiing with the crew. The "wiffy" (WiFi) as the French called it (lmao) always seemed to be down. Stephen (Nick's dad) had to keep going down there to get them to reset it.

An insight to the outside of the resort and some surrounding areas:

Oh lookie, more snow.
We pretty much spent the next day after arriving going to purchase our skii wear. The trousers alone cost roughly £100. The parker jacket was a bit different, cost about £30. I got red trousers, Nick got green trousers and Frances got Yellow trousers, while Stephen, Jacob and Liz all got black trousers and colourful jackets... so as you can imagine, we were very colour co-ordinated that week. We were hoping to go skiing afterwards but by the time we had finished getting our skii'n equipment it was roughly 4 PM, so obviously, there wasn't much point in going on the slopes that day.

Next day was the big day. Never in my life have I been skiing before and I didn't catch on quite as quickly as I thought I would.. I went skiing out of control on my first go down the slope and fell face over heel (lmao). Had poor Nick in shock horror watching my tumble down. Hahahahah! It was a damn big slope though for the so called "baby slope". The reason I couldn't control my speed was because I wasn't 'snow ploughing'. I couldn't quite grasp it until the next day. There were plenty of different slopes but of course, being a beginner, I stuck to the small slope (which was actually big), and Nick stayed with me most of the time until other two boys (who were snow boarding) wanted him to go down the steeper slopes (as he has more experience than me).

Behold the "baby" slope:
Looking at this picture it doesn't actually look that big, but trust me, when you get up there, it is.

Like I said; quite the experience.

Now for the view:

I wouldn't even attempt going to the top of that slope for a few days after that tumble but one day I thought.. what the hell, how often am I going to get this chance? So I worked on my snow ploughing, went to the top (with Nick lol) and snow ploughed the whole way down WITHOUT FALLING! Yay!! I was so, incredibly, proud of myself, lol.

Next day we spent the morning looking around the town. The town really was gorgeous, especially with the snow covering everything in sight:

Uh, what do those signs say again?

The weirdest bench I've ever seen in my life:

Inside one of the shops:
Hii, liddle french people!

Next stop was Carcassonne for a few days because Jacob had wanted to go back and re-visit.

Few pics:

The outside of where we were staying for a few days

^ The back/back garden

Oh dear Frenchies, your buildings are so different.


..(Nick's mum and dad) are the wonderful people who made the magic happen. They literally paid for my ENTIRE holiday. I didn't even have to pay a penny. Muchly obliged to them. I'm extremely lucky to know such generous and kind people.

As we were staying at the above resort we literally had a castle as our view from the window. The next day we spent our morning exploring the castle.. actually found out a few things, that numerous of deaths had occured during battle and I was standing in that very place. Nick had a few feeble attempts of freaking me out  (as usual) by saying how we were staying so close to the castle that freaky things would happen at night. But they didn't, surprise, surprise, lol.

The castle was absolutely massive but here is a sneak peek:

Okay, I'm fed up of posting so many xmas pics now. That was pretty much it. After Carcassonne we all came back to Guernsey to open presents... Jacob and Liz went back to Australia and the rest of us carried on with our lives. Happy ending!

Next update will be tomorrow when I'll be showing you all a sneak peak at the new pictures I've taken.