Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Man?

Nick has a day off today, he came downstairs and made me some Nutella pancakes (mm), made his own breakfast, and.... left the kitchen in a BIG mess. Of course when I walk in there and see it I'm on the verge of going insane just by the sight of it so I told him to tidy it up (not actually expecting him to do it). "Yeah, yeah" he replies in one of those 'I'll just tell her what she wants to hear in order to stop her nagging' tones. So I go upstairs and prepare for a BIG "nag" (as he calls it) 'cause obviously I'm not expecting it to be tidy when I go downstairs. But when I came out of the shower, it actually WAS tidy. In fact, probably one of the most tidiest tidies he's done in his life (not that that's much lol).

So I've taken some pictures in order to relish this moment:

A man with cleaning skills. Who'd have thought, right, ladies? ;)

I found out it was only a matter of weeks before I move down to my new Costa store down town (which is closer to where I live anyway). It officially opens at the beginning of March but my boss (who I get along with well) wants to get the new staff down there early to familiarise us with the new workings. I'm actually looking forward to that, but in a way I reckon I'll miss my old store.

More later. Have a nice day everyone. :)