Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Cutie

Quick update before I pop to bed. Valentines day went rather well. I have to say I was very surprised when I saw Nicholas come through the door with a hand/arm full of gifts for me. I was actually having a sleep on my day off, I heard the bedroom door open, turned around and there he was with this big grin on his face. Awwh, it was so cute! He got me a helium, singing balloon (the shape of a love heart), Thorton's Champaigne truffles, BIG bunch of flowers and a big Me to You teddy. How he managed to carry that all the way home I never know. It was so cute though, and he can actually be romantic.

Anyway, given this opportunity I've snapped some pictures:

I still need to take a picture of the flowers but I'll leave that for tomorrow. I'm tired from work. :(

Unfortunately, though, given I have a job now with damn insane hours I've been lacking in taking pictures. I'm gonna try keep up as much as I can.

Now for work. I start tomorrow at 10 til 6. Not sure how to have my hair though, maybe just up in a curly ponytail or something. Three new girls started today. I must say it feels rather good to not be the "new girl" learning the ropes because I know more than the newbies! woo. I like that feeling. Had a good talk with my boss, too. I really like her, we get along well. Infact I get along with the majority of people there and we act as though we've known each other for ages, which I like.

Ohhh, and I'm totally inlove with this">song

Can't stop listening to it.