Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Blog, New Start

I've finally set up this new blog. Took me long enough but after days of researching and testing I'm pleased to say I finally got it up and running.

Few quick updates:

  • I got a job. Say hello to your new Barista
  • I have a new Sony Vaio Pink laptop thanks to my wonderful boyfriend.
  • Nick (BF) has a new job as a sales man
Yes. I actually have a job.. and it's about time, too. For those of you who don't know I moved over to Guernsey with my bf a few months back and I've recently been job searching for a job. Nicholas (bf) used to work in a supermarket and since there's so many of them around the Island he tried to get me a job in one of the stores. So I applied and was contacted the next day to go for an interview. I was pleased  until I went down and saw the shop that I'd be working in.... NO! No way, it was too small and too claustrophobic, I'd go insane if I worked there. So I rang up HR and asked her to give my application to somewhere else, which she did, and the next day the manager of Costa Coffee rang me up. Wasn't too keen on the idea of working there but after considering it I decided to take it! At least I didn't start on my own 'cause there were two other girls starting with me so I wasn't the "new girl". Anyway, turns out these girls aren't even English but nevertheless I've become quite friendly with them. I get on really well with the people I work with and despite the fact I've only been there 4 days, I can talk to them as though I talk to my best friends. Oh, and it turns out that one of the girls that started with me a few days back, her husband was the person who contacted me for the interview from the other store, lmfao. 

Did I mention I have a new Sony Vaio Pink Laptop? It's the NW series and I absolutely adoreeee it!

A few piccies:

Jealous yet? ;)