Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Pink Obsessed

I've been pretty obsessed with a film called "Case 39" recently-

"Case 39" centers on an idealistic social worker who saves an abused 10-year-old girl from her parents only to discover that the girl is not as innocent as she thinks"

Great film, you should definitely see it if you have a chance.

Now onto work-
The other day I finally discovered (well, was shown) how to make PERFECT cappuccino milk. Place the steamer roughly 1 cm under the surface and as the jug fills up, move it down to compensate. Then when it reaches 140 degrees bang it to get the bubbles out but don't swirl yet, leave it to settle while the shots are made.. THEN swirl it until it becomes silky and thick. I used to think my cap. milk was good but turns out I made it TOO frothy. At least it wasn't flat though. Anyway, I'm rather proud of myself now. Still seems as though there's a small amount of drinks that I'm not familiar with making as of yet. They can't be that hard though.

I finally get paid too! I'm excited about that despite the fact I can't think of anything to spend it on at the moment. Heck, maybe I'll just save. I am planning on getting a Nikon D80 when I do a bit more saving. Now the D90 has come out the D80 is just as good IMO (but minus the recording option but who cares about that?), it's gone down in price immensely. So I definitely have my eye on that. Oh and for those of you who greatly want the D90, don't bother. I've used it loads of times and I can't even say the HR copies are good quality. IMO, it's rather poor. I'd stick with the D80.

Wish I could say that something eventful has happened over the past few weeks but I'm afraid I'd be lying if I did. My life is average right now. I think I'm almost settled in guernsey. I have my boyfriend, a nice house, and a job. Makes me wonder what'll come next. 

Late Birthday Update Pics
The other day I finally got round to taking pictures of a few of my b-day presents.

^ From Nick's lovely mother. I was going to open presents after I came home from work (as I started at 7) but she was too eager to give them to me before I went, haha. They're very beautiful though. 

^ A tripod that I've always wanted from my wonderful Nicholas. This one actually extends to my height which'll come in very handy when I'm taking shots of the beach.

Mum got me two fancy tops and my brother gave me £50! Wooohoo!

Now for a few randoms:

Yes, I FINALLY have a pink passport holder! My lovely mum sent it over to me as part of my b-day present 'cause I keep meaning to get one. She even knew what colour to get me. :D

...Much better than Nicks plain ole' navy blue one, right? ;)

And last but not least.. my B-EEE-AYE-YOU-TEA-FUL pink sony vaio laptop, and pink samsung touchscreen phone <3

Sexy pink laptop and a sexy pink phone? What more could a girl ask for.

I've actually seen this pretty pink, sparkly, diamond-like, mouse (literally shapped) mouse in Next. VERY tempted to get that. I doubt I'll ever use it... but it looks so cute, I just must have it. 

Now that's the random pics over with. Onto my photography (which are, again, all available at Red Bubble )