Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tired, Tired.. And Still Tired

Work has been rather draining, lately. It has these sudden busy periods followed by quiet periods but when it's busy.. it's busy and the pressure is on. Still enjoying work though and that's the main thing. I've been doing a lot of 10:30's recently, and as much as I enjoy sleeping in, I don't enjoy closing up, haha.. but I guess we each have to take it in turns and I totally respect that.

After the big drama about the volcano that erupted and the ash spreading for miles on end I must say that despite  the sympathy I feel for these people being stranded I'm sick of hearing about it. Newspapers, news, out and about.. ffs. Stephen went away to Africa for a few weeks before hand and was due to fly back to London, only the ash was too dangerous and the airlines had shut down. Anyway, Frances ended up going to him for roughly a week so Nick and I get to play house while we have it all to ourselves, yay!

There's also been a lot of talk about us going to Australia. Nick's Visa runs out in a year and he needs to go back to re-new it if we decide to stay in England. Either way, I'd be going with him so we're slowly considering as to whether or not we can start a new life there. Not sure how that would be for me.. away from my home, mum, family and friends.. but I guess we all have to get to that stage sometime in our life.

Anyway, on my day off I decided to take my D90 for a spin and take Nick along with me with his parents D90 so we could both go pictures. You know, just driving around and stopping when we see somewhere attractive. Turned out pretty well but when I came back home and looked at the pictures I was disappointed with some of them. As a result I ended up getting more piccies with some flowers Nick had bought me the following day. They seemed to come out a lot better. I decided to work with waterdrops as I haven't done anything like it in ages! I can't even find my syringe (no I'm not a druggy, it's for my waterdrops), so I had to stick with a spray bottle.

Oh and I was looking through my older images and came across my furballs who I miss so much. :(

...need to find a good pic of fizz.

Have a good week everyone. :)