Monday, March 29, 2010

Shopping Spree Minus The Bag

Finally got some time off from work. Well, it's just my day(s) off. Got paid on Friday and yesterday I decided I needed to go on a shopping spree. Of course Nick had to come along with me, which he's a good boy to do because on my past shopping trips I apparently take "ages". So I decided this time I'll make it short and painless for him (as painless as that was for me). We started off by going to Checkers to get some bodyspray, shampoo, etc etc. We then drove to town and went to a restaurant for lunch which was actually well worth the money. The only downfall is that we had to climb roughly 5 flights of stairs to get there.

So after lunch we went to a nick-nack shop which actually turned out to be good class, surprisingly. It had the usual stuff.. random ornaments, lamps, etc. So Nick very kindly got me a jewellery box (because lets face it I've needed one for ages with the amount of jewellery I have), as we went up to pay for it we came across a cute little easter display. These tiny little baby chickens with hats and bows around their neck. It was too adorable for words so I just had to get it for photography purposes.

Here's a quick preview of my upcoming pictures:

And my jewellery box:

Few other randoms:

^ Some cute bangles that came with the perfume. Yeeaaa' boi!

^^ Those were what I bought on my shopping spree. Wanted to get a bag and purse (I'm extremely fussy when it comes to bags), but couldn't find anything I liked.


Went to the beach the other week with Nick to try and capture my "perfect" (which still isn't perfect) sunset picture. The joys of living in Channel islands is that there's so many beaches just a drive away and a beautiful view of the sea from the window. I'm very lucky. Anyway, came back with these:

This next one is my favourite... as we were walking back from the beach I turned around to look at Nick in the sunset and saw a good picture, so of course I had to snap it. He couldn't seem to be serious though so he did some weird, Egyptian (oh, he says he was flexing his muscles.. hmm) pose:

(I love how the sun reflects on the sand like that ^_^)  Isn't he cute? :D